They were. There’s still Sixers/Celtics going on but for the rest yikes.

Utah, injuries and referees. What can you do. Good game.

New Orleans, referees and Curry. What can you do. Good game.

Toronto, referees and LeBron. What can you do. Well at least show up and give a fight!

The Raptors sweep is so, so weird and disappointing. Everyone wanted a beautiful challenge, some of that DeRozan magic. A series. Instead it’s been memes and suicide notes, damn. They couldn’t even win one game. I blame Drake.

Meanwhile, the Warriors and the 3rd quarter. What the fuck is going on. Do they use ML and AI to analyze the first half, crunch numbers and make adjustments for the second half? I don’t know but it’s unbelievable how they outscore everyone in the third. They can attack with confidence from absolutely anywhere. Ball movement is fluid, fast point breaks are fast, defense is strong, three of the best shooters ever in the same team… Good luck, Houston and Cleveland.

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