Hybrid up

ITW Jaron Lanier

But we can’t do this combination of libertarian and communist ideology. It just doesn’t work. You have to choose one.

We already did that and they both sucked. We should have hybrid and build on that. Example of a concrete libertarian-communist tool designed to help everybody:

A true micro-transaction system with an annual, decent and fixed fee. Shareware apps. The service allows us to drop any amount of money from 10 cents to thousands to someone instantly.

Imagine the impact. Oh Harold is not doing good, here’s some change I have * 10 friends boom; little slice of income. The service itself would probably not make much money if at all, although that’s the case with most of Silicon Valley’s current champs isn’t it. It’s not always about profitability.

It would completely transform the world like the internet did.

Economically, tons of things would change and so it would change the social fabric too. This is an example of true hybrid ideology: pushing freedom and technology to profit everyone and not just the 0.1% of humans on earth. Some guys get it.

The point is, you super extremely absurdly rich people need to step down and do the work. Everyone else is.

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