Lefty NBA

Speaking of lefties, let’s look at how the NBA is being taken over by us.

First you obviously have James Harden. Regardless of his ways, the man averaged 43 pts a game in January. That is completely absurd. He can score at will outside and can pass extremely well. True, his step back is sometimes a full-on travel but when he’s on, there’s not much you can do to stop him.

Isaiah Thomas is back! IT will always be special and my dude. He’s playing real basketball –no size cheat- and what a more than excellent shooter. His season at the Celtics is one of the highest %FG ever recorded.

The D’, D’angelo Russell and De’Aaron Fox. I love those two so much. Kings and Nets are the funniest teams to watch right now, and those two lead their respective squad with what I call the Left Hand of Death: when they’re about to shoot, it’s going in. D’angelo has one of the most beautiful arc I’ve ever seen and De’Aaron also has an effortless-looking jumpshot that is money. I love them. Shoutout to Marvin Bagley III who’s been torching teams recently.

Mike Conley is a super dope lefty too and he’s hard to spot because he plays so much with his right hand. He works that aspect so hard, it takes a few games to realize he’s left-handed. Julius Randle is a fantastic power forward that the Lakers shipped to New Orleans because well let’s not talk about the Lakers front office. When he drives to the basket on the left, that’s going to be 2 points my man.

Luke Kennard is really good. Domantas Sabonis is a beast for the Pacers, a Swiss army knife who has a huge impact when on the floor.

Left-handed brothers, I root for you.

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