You right-handed people have no clue what that name really means.

After my adoption and probably one year of school or more, I needed left-handed scissors badly. I didn’t even know they existed. I thought I would get a black, squeaky, maybe rusty old lefty scissors. But instead mom came back with the Rolls Royce of scissors: Fiskars.

It had the orange handle. Stainless steel blades. Orange sheath with built-in sharpener. The tool looked like a Transformer. All of sudden it’s a PLEASURE to cut through sheets of paper. It’s fluid. It’s gliding. I’m full of joy.

At school no one could steal my left-handed scissor, there was no point to it besides hurting your hand. My parents were always telling me to be very careful with them because yeah, those were, are, sharper than Trunk’s sword.

Then the brand disappeared from my life and reappeared a few months ago. Someone gave me a Fiskars cutter. Still that beautiful design and orange color. It is so satisfying to create shapes with it. So I thought, hey what up Fiskars? Turns out, Fiskars is one of the oldest business in the world! It started in 1649. They have celebrated a 365th anniversary in 2014. 365 years old business.

Design, check. Technology, check. Inclusivity, check. Sustainable business, check.

I was meant to use that brand. Now onward to find a left-handed orange pair of scissors because those are red now. And I want the Fiskars Orange.

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