Uncharted thoughts

How being isolated like I am manifests itself? I have a good example. The “she/he looks like [her/him]” that we perpetually go for because the brain is a pattern-recognizing machine.

You probably have no idea how often that situation unfolds because it happens all the time and it’s such a given. Everyone looks like someone they know or knew.

Well this pattern doesn’t exist in my case. I’ve never looked like anyone around me and no one around has ever looked like me. Or moved like me or ate like me etc. You get the point.

It’s not a problem per se. But physical connection ties one to something bigger. A family. It’s everywhere in real life, stories, books, movies. It’s core to human societies. It creates a “Us”. You just need one other person to create a “Us”. I don’t have one.

Y’all mofos are going to act like “it doesn’t matter, you can always recreate” but I know it does matter. Especially in tough times, which are here. I wish it didn’t matter. Trust me.

Looking alike is almost social currency.

I have a family. But I’m broke as hell.

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