Drama free mind (not really)

I have little interest for drama.

Orphan/transracial adopted/immigrant/black man trying to sustain his present and future. It’s a lot of drama in a million ways. A massive pile of knots to deal with. I’ve been busy.

Drama drives everything though: media, politics, constantly. Gossip, thus social interactions. Twitter. Traffic jam. People, I noticed, hate drama and really look for it as well. I don’t, really. I have enough. Shit bores me real quick.

I can sit there, chilling and it’s still super dramatic in my head. I seek for solace quite often. A sunny spot on a curb. A calm afternoon on my couch, reading. Playing music, bass or keys, is so soothing. The beauty of stillness never stops to make me smile. I can’t wait to go back to the desert to do nothing.

So when there’s drama in front of me, I don’t really believe in it. I acknowledge it and try to move on, immediately. If said drama can be dissected to look like a decent situation that can be solved, fine. Otherwise, I have other places to be. Drama for drama feels like a turnstile. I go through it.

Time is the only real currency. I try not to waste it too much.

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