120 and numbers

I hate to think about it, but I bike about 120 miles a week since my eviction. Almost 200 kms. What. The.

I had to do the math because of how I use my car, which is not often.

Numbers are not necessarily interesting. All I think of is that I’m on my bicycle a hour per day to commute, which is not awful. But once I do the math it ends up with a lot of kilometers. Just the idea makes me tired and yet I do that every week without too much pain.

It’s only annoying the first five minutes, when the lungs are opening and my legs are cold I guess. And when I’m on the last hill of the day, when I’m like “fuck sweating”. But overall if I don’t bike I feel antsy and uncomfortable.

The amount of gas I save though. No, I didn’t do the math.

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