Them others

I saw a sign on an overpass above the freeway that says “the Russians” and lol I don’t really get it.

I’m reading a book on secret 60s US stealth planes and they use Russian tech without batting an eye, despite the fact that it is during the Cold War.

Today we talk about Trade War with China but most if not everything that isn’t food in this country is made oversea.

Growing up before globalization, I thought it made sense people were afraid of each other. After two world wars, dozens (hundreds?) of millions of death, now that our economies are so tightly inter-dependent and that we travel all over the world for $88 round-trip tickets, what does it even mean to “take over” or “influence” one’s country? To feel threatened? To develop new weapons?

There’s land. There’s us. We should be like, chilling.

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