I think I was tipsy twice in 2019 and that was it. I basically didn’t drink last year. A first in my adult life.

It’s something that happened just like that, I didn’t call it. Being overworked has perks I guess.

Anyway the last time I did get a bit inebriated, I was noticing something that I had completely forgotten about drinking: it’s how much you want to see shit go down. To go to eleven. You want that nasty drama.

It doesn’t matter what. An argument? You want the other to be mean as hell in the response. Sound? LOUDER. Sports? I want some BLOOD on this field. Someone falls, you kind of hope that person to hit it hard or harder. You want a chain of bad stuff to happen. Being part of it or not doesn’t really matter. It needs to go down. When drunk there’s a huge high from witnessing chaos. It’s just there and it’s pretty universal.

But you have to stop drinking, let your body clean itself out from any trace of alcohol  to realize it. It takes months. In our drinking societies, most people have forgotten. Forever.

Which leads me to television. TV analyses its customers and they realized that most people have drinks at night. Especially the increasingly single, adult population from the past twenty years, right? A glass of wine (it’s never just one, as we all know) in front of the TV has become standard. Which means TV executives can go ahead with the sociopaths, zombies and other “whatever it takes” type of shows where, as you are under influence, will be entertained. You don’t drink and all of those shows look quite harsh if not psychopathic. You do drink and you’re amused: this person had to die, too bad! This one will go on a revenge tour and I’m all for IT.

The interaction between what we do and consumer offering. It fascinates me.

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