The Last Black Man in San Francisco

(That previous post took me months to write, probably the hardest one to publish)

Anyway, I really enjoyed that movie. Shout out to my man Daewon for the cameo.

Housing is everything. I keep going back to this idea. Whatever kind of people are around you, if you have shelter you can help yourself out. If you don’t, you lose your mind.

The story of a skateboarding black man who’s determined to own his house is something I can relate to. I want this so much. Build what I’m imagining and tracing on my computer.

Once that’s done, I just want to produce music and sound without caring about anything. Collect CDs, finally buying the HD version after years of not-so-great mp3 files. And live simply, ready to sit, relax, and watch another sunset. ‘Nother one. Bliss.

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