With all that I totally forgot about the elections.

First the primaries and its terrible outcomes. It seems like Bernie won’t be able to win but I hope he can viscerally change Biden’s plans, which pretty much don’t exist because he’s not very good –or is very good, depending on how you see it– at politics. He looks solid to many people, vote for him while Bernie cooks us some good bills. I hope? Man I got nothing. Warren and Sanders not forging an alliance *at all* made me so sad.

That filthy greed for power will kill us all.

Then the presidential election in November. Will we be alive? Will rats have bridges between palm trees? Will my sister continue to send me short stories of her confinement? All I know is that the world will be much different than when this white house race started.

Will compassion and empathy be all the rage then? lol but also seriously, it has to. It has to.

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