Wing House

In my research of the best shape ever for a house, I stumbled upon this one. All curves. Curves are fine, pretty much always right?

But in construction and particularly with insulation, the rounder, the better. The problem is that it’s usually weird to have a circle-shaped house. The Wing House opts for half-circle forms and it looks quite fantastic.

I wonder what kind of performance you get in terms of heating and cooling. How it feels to live in a space that seems to extend wherever you settle. I would definitely not have those floors though. Hardwood floors or gtfo, I don’t care. I would also make the pool smaller and slap some grass in the middle of that courtyard. Nature, son. Nature.

It’s a starchitect house so the price is dumb (put on the market for $45M, sold at $25M). But it’s an inspiring one.

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