If I was producing

If I was producing… is a 12 beat collection that I recently published. Check it out.

Beats are a special thing to create. As Prince said it, there’s joy in repetition. It’s particular to create something designed to loop. It’s a different challenge from composing a song. I love it.

This is a few years worth of beats I played with and couldn’t let go of. I decided to make a collection of them. And then, once they were finished earlier this week, I wondered who would spit on them. I also decided to make it a 50/50 men/women MCs because I wanted to. So yeah Bouncy is for Megan Thee Stallion. She’d tore that shit up with her deep, sexy ass voice. I think Kendrick’s screaming in the mic would make Brutally something brutaller. Crazy beat, I know. And so forth. Guru would’ve crushed it. I can’t even imagine Azelia Banks on Snakey. Pure madness.

You can also buy this little album and spit in your kitchen. Spit on the freeway. Spit during your workout. A few friends are already at it, what are you waiting for?


PS: next tracks are some electrorock and some cyberfunk. Stay tuned.

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