I’m not an expert

But I read! So experts said:

– Fastest vaccine ever developed by humanity took five years; they’re trying to create the COVID vaccine in 18 months.

– 100+ vaccine candidates as of now, around 10 are promising.

– 60% effective is the threshold; under that number, it’s unlikely to change our lives.

– They’re testing new vaccine tech that seems great but requires very cold temperatures for storage; big challenge for transportation and distribution.

– Producing 7 billion doses or more is a gigantic problem, knowing that each vaccine requires its own, specific factory to be produced.

– Hydroxychloroquine: it might help, we’re still not sure. What we know for sure though, is that that stuff is virulent and damaging to the human body. In France, they recommend people to not try to have kids for at least 18 months after a hydroxychloroquine treatment against the ‘rona.

It looks like there are 14 COVID mutations as of now. We might need to change the vaccine every year.

Because the virus is often asymptomatic and that tests procedures are not exactly rightly done, I wouldn’t trust any of them. I would also avoid trying to get tested and to be around people who might have the virus.

We’re in for a long, long time. You already know that your non-wealthy ass isn’t going to be a priority.

Stay safe, don’t roll the dice too often.

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