This is the ‘net I’m here for

I wrote this post in May 2018. Got a great, informative and cute comment in November 2019. I just answered. It’s May 2020.

This is lovely to me. Being asynchronous, sharing things with strangers. And then moving on with your life.

Denise shared her story with the house I wrote about. She didn’t try to get attention. She simply shared. I learned something. We don’t need to have a conversation. I don’t need to try to make her my friend. I didn’t write that post to get attention, I only shared what I thought was interesting about my little research on architecture and house building.

One time I was writing about some heartache and was apologizing that yes, that might not be the most interesting thing to read. Except that someone commented that it was useful to them, giving them some perspective on their own things they’re going through. That stayed with me.

It’s what’s missing these days online, or at least what I miss the most. Real people (not “influencers”), sharing things just for sharing them and not for money, likes or RTs or none of that pointless, anxiety-inducing shit. Just honest information and go. Let folks absorb whatever they want without the tyranny of opening their mouth about it. Only when or if it’s burning your palate three days later. That’s good! You then probably have interesting things to say.

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