Someone had time or was high on meth either way, I appreciate the dedication.

Doing some busy work on servers and stuff. I’m going to be off Flickr for good this year. I downloaded all my pictures and it was pretty emotional. Not really looking at them, but thinking about what happened through that service that truly changed my life.

I never joined IG (it’s a bit fuck FB on here) but some people will probably lose their shit when Instagram makes them pay to download their own content that they filled the service with for decades. If they even can do that. Everything you put there will stay there forever. It’s theirs. Your kids pictures. Yup.

So I’m going to have all my digital life under my thumb and nowhere else. It feels very soothing. In the current climate, it feels really right to keep everything I care about close to me.

Wash your hands and wear yo’ mask beloved.

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