So it’s Monday, right?

I live in a largely black community, right?

I go to my usual basketball court every morning for what seems like a century, right?

Who do I see first? A white woman I’ve never seen before walking her dog. No mask. She’s kind of looking left and right to see if someone will tell her something but it’s early, no one gives a fuck about you girl. I’m walking 20 meters behind, wearing my mask and shaking my head.

Who is on my court? An Asian man and his two kids, running basketball drills. No masks. I saw them once before. They were gauging that area.

Even the black homeless folks in the area wear a fucking mask. If not at least they don’t walk around. They stay the fuck away.

This is right after breaking records of cases (and deaths) over the weekend. The audacity is absolutely unreal.

It validates what I wrote about a few days ago: it’s a lot about individuals. There’s this weird elitism, especially with non-black folks, it’s wild and dangerous.

Then they think they’re smart. Orange County (a very white and Asian community) has been fighting mandatory masks and are having a meeting tonight to decide how to reopen schools while the city of Los Angeles will not reopen schools because well, there’s a goddamn pandemic going on.

It’s really not complicated. But boy is it exhausting to see egoistical mfs around.

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