Last year in December I notice seeing 4:44 on my phone multiple times. I thought that was fun at first and then I remembered that it meant something. I forget to check what that number means.

At that time I’m still waiting on housing opportunities. I get the place I want the most. I felt like I would/could.

I since then have seen 444 regularly. Like, too regularly. I enjoy it! I stay dumb, still not knowing what that number means but knowing that it means something good. “Don’t fuck up the streak, keep being an idiot”, I think.

And then one day, after seeing 444 multiple days in a row (I don’t know if my body synced with time but also I see 444 on other stuff than clocks; and I usually see the magic number while making or studying music, when time absolutely does not exist), I decide to not look at my phone or computer.

I’m playing music, feeling good, knowing that I can’t see 444 because it’s passed, for sure. I check the time after finishing up a song. It is 5:55.

I had to check what those numbers mean.

Now I’m pressed.

And yeah, they’re still around.

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