How might this past year look if we’d all tried? If we’d all been willing to give our best efforts to social distancing? If we all had sacrificed parties and holiday gatherings? (I’m trying not to call everyone who met for Thanksgiving a f*cking loser right now, it is very hard; Turkey Day? You were willing to let Auntie Myrtle fast track her ride to the ancestors for some f*cking Turkey Day? LOOOOOL I am so sorry, you are a f*cking loser to me. Just to ME! I ain’t nobody, but just know, you are a loser in my nobody-ass eyes.)

Jamilah is telling the truth and you know this. I ain’t nobody either, but I’m still mad at my friend who jeopardized our health for a stupid ass, fucking plate of food. Ugh.

Girl, we got REALLY lucky.

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