I’ve always felt that there is a strong connection between music and basketball. The game is inherently rhythmic in nature and requires the same kind of selfless, nonverbal communication you find in the best jazz combos. […]

I discovered early that the best way to get players to coordinate their actions was to have them play the game in 4/4 time. The basic rule was that the player with the ball had to do something with it before the third beat: either pass, shoot, or start to dribble. When everyone is keeping time, it makes it easier to harmonize with one another, beat by beat.

Phil Jackson in his 11 Rings book.

He also talks in his Sacred Hoops book how basketball is so much more improvisational that other team sports: it is fast paced and allows for individuals to be themselves and improvise over a defense like no other team sport.

You know what is an activity that requires rhythm and is super improvisational as well? Skateboarding.

You know who practices music, basketball and skateboarding daily? This guy.

It’s the first time I connect those dots. I guess I’m highly attracted to freedom and doing the right thing at the right time.

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