Spurs school

It’s undeniable that the pleasure of watching the NBA Spurs team is in the fact that its players improve. Constantly. Regardless of where they are in their careers.

It’s quite beautiful to see.

This year has made me want a DeMar and Dejounte jerseys. They’re so good and so composed, getting better every year like the rest of the Spurs. Lonnie is solidifying, Rudy is rejuvenating while Patty chooses timelessness. Jakob is faster than ever. I hope DeMar stays because for real, he’s so key to their offense.

He became a beast at passing. His footwork and skills are some of the prettiest in the past 20 years. Dejounte is so special and he looks like a sponge, absorbing DeMar’s J like Kirby.

Give this end of 2021 season Spurs team an offensive center and they’re WCF contenders, straight up. And if they’re not, they’re fun to watch giving other teams the WORK. Let’s go Spurs!

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