Bucks 5

You’re a little obligated to root for the Western team when you live in the West. The Phoenix Suns have had a great playoff run, impressively winning games as you should, sharing the ball, shooting lights out. The problem they could have with the Bucks in the finals was their length, and Jrue Holiday.

The Suns just got a good taste of both and lost a crucial game 5.

Jrue is amazing, we’ve known that for years. When he turns it on and starts knowing you, it’s fucking over. He’s an outstanding defender and his steals were key last night. Versatile as hell, which means that sometimes he underperforms because it’s hard to do everything well but the added value of a Swiss army knife is never to be forgotten.

Giannis Antetokoumpo. My Euro bro. Mister I Play On Baby Hoop In The NBA. Rubber band ass MF, I’m sick seeing you destroy everyone, but I enjoy it too. Your poise is fantastic, your mental is strong and no one can physically do anything against you. After such an emotional rollercoaster —bad injury a few games ago— this looks like you’re on the verge of writing a beautiful chapter in your life.

Devin Booker! It’s not over. You believed, stayed in Phoenix and now you’re in the finals, albeit close to elimination. But you’re a beast, bro. Your team, when finding the open man, is like a bunch of water that you’re trying to catch with your fingers. Find your open man and let’s go to game 7!

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