Look, I know that I sound insane with my green roof obsession. Understand that I have fixed roofs not my whole life, but almost. They’re complicated, costly, not efficient and with climate change and its stormy weather, weak.


Check this one out:

Try to tell me that you wouldn’t love to climb a bunch of stairs and relax on your roof after watering the roof plants. It doesn’t matter where: city, countryside. it will be beautiful, useful, sustainable, I can’t wait at-all.

Now look at this one:

Climbing in the evening to have some tea and edibles looking at the sky I mean you must be nuts to say hell no to that, I’m sorry.

So it looks like it’s trending. I dislike the black walls in all architecture these days —33% more heat absorption with black paint, no thank you—but those two are solid representations of what I envision us having as “modern” or more accurately, “up to date with current events and trends, respectful” housing. Small, comfortable, sustainable. Yessir.

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