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This was starkly exemplified in 2019, when New York’s subway system allowed ads for erectile dysfunction but banned billboards for women’s sex toys.

Mel Magazine on the “female pleasure button”.

Wow, that’s so crazy knowing how lucrative the women’s sex toy market is (28 billion dollars worldwide in 2019). But even worse, it’s such a massive denial of reality: a vast majority of women have a sex toy or a dozen!

We should talk about sex more and make it an important self care, healthy thing to do. Because that’s what it simply is. The past twenty years have dramatically changed our relationship to it and sex is absolutely central in western lives; after all, every man I know is trying to be rich to have sex with their fantasy girl. All the way to billionaires and uh, sex slaves stuff going on I don’t know, ask them.

It fascinates me how as societies we can avoid conversations about natural stuff and reality, trying not to connect the dots lmao.

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