I mean, every single picture taken with a 2017 and above phone, looks amazing. And that’s not really a good thing to me, personally. We have integrated Photoshop in our cameras. It’s built-in.

Photos are mostly used to capture a moment in reality, visually. Mostly. But now they deny reality: it’s just ultra clean. Colors are super vivid, the wide angle makes the room large, the picture is pristine, skins are cleaner than a surgery room.

Deep down our brains know that’s bullshit.

Scrolling a social media feed full of those *perfect* pictures is boring. I’m sure I’m not the only one not stopping anymore at any of those. I know, you look great on this etc. Photos don’t mean the same when they never have a little something special.

Now with a decade worth of photos from various phones and technology, I’m impressed with the fact that dirty, low-res first-generation smartphones photos do not look that bad today! Same with early 2000s digital cameras. They have a cachet. They’re pixelized, they’re “bad” but they also represent a time period accurately. The colors are flat and much closer to reality and memories.

Today’s phones just do too much.

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