Me Myself&I


It is the afternoon in California and we’re working in the library. Going on our tasks. Helping folks. Little bees in the sunny hive, walking around in silence with little masks on. There was a little party earlier, so everyone is a little full of food and a little slow.

And then we’re randomly checking our devices, news. Uvalde Texas, this time.

The Thousand Yard stare starts. One by one, we get infected. All coping differently, but all with this Thousand Yard stare at one point, way stronger than the one triggered by a lunatic patron. And we’re more frantic in our movements. And we’re quiet. The atmosphere changes.

I personally don’t try to know more, as I already know the bombing of words has already started everywhere.


At home, chilling. I need focused music. A bit sad, not too much, hopeful and steady in the vibe. I see a 18 body count. I’m writing this. I breathe so much better without Twitter.

But I also know that it’s not over at all. I need happy music now.

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