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The West is not good at marketing

Looking at the world today and how the West behaves, I wish we had been ferociously selling our lifestyles instead of imposing fake views of purity, meritocracy and whatnot.

Imagine the message to the world:

“We like how we live here, free to do any kind of activity. Mostly enjoying life!”

“Women and men and lgbtq+ all together, no pressure, just vibes!”

“We focus on maintaining a fair society, as it only makes our society better: everyone can go ahead and become the best at what they want. They will be supported!”

“Yes, we have legalized everything but we’re not stupid; we maintain moderation!”

“We live together, in our own respective lanes. Sometimes we intersect, sometimes we don’t. It’s all good!”

Etc. Basically a propaganda of collaboration, pleasure and “if you try to beat our asses, we still have nuclear heads and missiles ksksksks” type of warning.

I think that would have worked much better than *waves at whatever the hell is happening in international politics since WWII*

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