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Hey man, smell my finger

Smells. How do they work? I don’t know but we underrate the sense of smell wildly.

It’s unique to each of us, even more than hearing and digitally quite impossible to synthesize for now. Yet, it’s so powerful.

I have a perfume, I think it’s Star from Thierry Mugler which automatically reminds me of a friend and a bunch of situation, a particular laugh etc. From 25 years ago. In a second. My trip last week was an olfactive, Nose-apalooza festival.

It feels like smells capture time and space, with a pleasant or non-pleasant odor. It’s Whole. There’s no discrimination. The smell is this, then [insert super vivid 3D Dolby Atmos 16K HD memory].

I don’t know. I never lost my sense of smell in the past 3 years, it might even have gotten better.

Now I have a suitcase that I don’t really want to open because well, smells. They’ll die if I start using those clothes and tools! Please understand and respect my privacy in this difficult moment.

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