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Culture Clash

Take the infamous “culture clash,” he says: all the Fear and Loathing back at headquarters was more than matched at PARC. “The people in the computer-science community who were ‘hippielike’ really wanted to believe that they were annoying the rest of the corporation,” he says. “So I think there was a lot of ‘oppression’ that was imagined and hoped for.”

It is amazing that this is about the first on-line community ever, in a chapter called “LIVING IN THE FUTURE”. (finishing The Dream Machine)

Phones and algorithms have created this situation a million times over in the past decade, haven’t they?

In real life there’s this thing called context that really is nifty. And because everyone involved in real life gets the context they are in, things don’t get overblown that often. In real life folks tend to stay in their lanes.

Online though? Yeah. Wylin’. Again, get off your phone.

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