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Thanks, now we pay through the nose

“But it was also clear to me that having the government provide the network indefinitely wasn’t going to fly. A network isn’t something you can just buy; it’s a long-term, continuing expense. And government doesn’t do that well. Government runs by fad and fashion.”

Stephen Wolff in The Dream Machine.

Oh, because the private world doesn’t? LMAO

America today pays for its internet –which is as necessary as water and electricity, far more than it should. Thanks, business world.

I pay $50/month to lease a phone number (I’m barely using any data) while phone call quality in 2023 in California is worse than in 1999 in France. It’s borderline walkie-talkie like here. Private carriers are not investing in their networks. It’s all landlord/rent behavior now. Do nothing, collect money, bam.

Today we have free internet through initiatives sponsored by companies like Google, offering laptops that spy on us while they gather and sell all that data, making absurd amounts of money to do nothing but close stupid projects.

Government internet might have been good too, or not worse.

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