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The Aces made it back to back. The bench showed up. Jackie Young with the defensive play at the last second to secure the win (defense wins championships, always), just impeccable. I had paused that video and found it a few days later:

W A S T E D and cute.

Not going to lie, I’m glad Ms. Parker didn’t have anything to do with winning this title. The amazing thing is that she will be needed next year because the Aces are the target now.

No WNBA team has ever threepeated and I believe that they can do it. They’re so amazingly fun to watch and they are so good. Congrats!

Now Victor and my Spurs? Yeah, tons of fun already after a few games. I have no idea if they’ll make the playoffs but they sure will upset and make things difficult for a lot of teams out there. This man is so quick and long, it is completely a cheat code, as basketball’s field and basket size were designed for 5’9 folks, not 7’15 mfs. But whatever. The rest of the team is solid and as usual with San Antonio, is progressing rapidly and constantly.

I’m running and shooting at 6:30am these days. Swishing while the sun is rising. It’s a great feeling.

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