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Big G

Thinking about Google. They’re in court right now being investigated for monopoly practices (paying Apple $20B/year to be the default search engine while competing against them in the phone business is some wild shit), their Android phones are quite a mess from so many angles despite being on version 14, they’re notorious for bad support and killing products people enjoy. And yet, the brand is intact and they’re making more money than ever.

There’s a sunk-cost fallacy happening with everyone who grew up with Google. It’s like they can’t possibly turn their back from a company that is uh, well a big, US corporate company.

Baby you need help. Understand that the world with the least possible amount of Google, works well. Maybe a couple billion people do that just fine? Probably more.

Get into the open web. Email for private, site for public. Full RSS, period. No ads, no stats. Give. Ponder. Squeeze your brain. That’s what the internet was invented for.

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