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The alcoholic haze

I basically never drink in California. But I hop on a plane to France and of course, I start drinking in it. Half celebration, half micro-dosing.

And so the haze starts.

I realized that from that mini bottle of wine in the plane to me being back in L.A., I never stop drinking. Alcohol is everywhere in France, except for breakfast, unless you’re taking it at 11am and that hey fuck it, let’s have a little drink, it’s about to be lunch anyway.

Everyone there is basically constantly on an alcoholic haze, wondering why everything is slow or mean (keywords: constant alcoholic haze). One classic move is someone pouring themselves another glass and going on a even more racist diatribe lmaooo. You know it’s coming the second they grab that bottle, it never fails. And because I’m inebriated as well, I like to pour some oil on the fire sometimes.

That’s what alcohol does and it’s fun until it kills someone, which is how women succumb to their partners at an alarming rate. But France keeps saying how alcohol is culture.

It’s a VPN to one’s worst to me.

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