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And higher

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

And so deaths are picking up. Please tell me temporarily, universe. Please.

You Can’t Simply Decide to Be a Different Person

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Uh, yes you can. It might take a minute, and demand some isolation though.

(note how the title of the article, “You Can’t Simply Decide to Be a Different Person” super clickbaity, but the url (self-control-habit-new-years-resolutions) is dry as hell while the recent url blurb is somewhat the most accurate description “One Thing People Misunderstand About Forming New Habits – The Atlantic”)

“The key distinction here, Inzlicht told me, is that a person who appears highly self-controlled to others—who is displaying a high level of trait self-control—probably isn’t exercising their behavioral self-control as much as you do. “People who have high trait self-control, they don’t actually engage in more restraint of their behavior and thoughts and emotions in the moment,” he said. Instead, they just aren’t tempted or distracted or diverted from their purpose as often or as effectively as the rest of us.”

Right. But! The they just aren’t tempted though uh excuse ME! I am tempted, every day, to not wake up to go out and run with a basketball in the sunrise. Like, the temptation is the hardest part by far. It sucks. Tug of war in my brain. But my will goes beyond my feelings. I tell myself “fuck yo feelings, get up, you know how it is” sometimes. Because I know the benefits of that workout are huge, in our covid time. Disappointing myself in this disappointing world? Nah. I have to show up for myself. Then it becomes a game and you try to do a combo. “Three straight days!”

"Fuuuck it’s cold why am I doing this” is a sentence that pops up in my mind every single time in winter but I know that within five minutes of workout, this amazing thing called human body will actually generate heat by itself and in five minutes, I won’t feel cold at all. I will feel good. Five more minutes and I will feel great. Twenty minutes later and I will feel fantastic, warm or hot, ready to take on ANYTHING.

But right now, I’m almost shivering walking to my car.

The key is to understand, acknowledge and truly embrace the benefits of forming (good) habits. And to stay locked in on them. To abandon yourself to them.

Next thing you know you have 10,000 hours of whatever habit you chose. And people will notice.

James Webb Space Telescope

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Shout out to my girl Ariane 5 and Europe for its perfect launch!

Webb! It’s incredible. I mean, have you read the story of this deployment? Basically 30 years of constant issues across teams all over the world. I’ve read comments on Reddit/HN of folks who worked on this project in one way or another and they. are. crying. of joy. Because this device is finally going to tell us that yes, we live in a simulation, look at the pixels over there *zooms in*.

No but for real, it will change our understanding of the universe forever. That’s much more interesting than trying to go walk on red rocks while trying to not die immediately, in my opinion.

And now, the telescope is fully deployed and I feel a bit emotional.

The absurd capacity for humanity to produce, despite EVERYTHING this monumental future source of information for basic stuff like the origins of life and the big bang —I mean HELLO??? that’s pretty tight— while being unable to stay at home and to wear a goddamn mask outside.

Dear future, it hurts so much to witness this in real time.

Anyway, this is so wonderful.

New High Score

Friday, January 7th, 2022

Panny status

Friday, January 7th, 2022

Well Omicron is insanely fast but it looks like it’s *truly* less lethal (with vaccine)? We might want to wait for all the hospitals to clear out, probably late February, to know for sure.

But that could really be great news. IF the next variant is even weaker, that is.

Oh boy. I jinxed it didn’t I.

EZ Improvement

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying

It’s a good list! Not that I do most of it, but kind of though.

#2 is a really good way to get real with yourself. Pros, Cons, Budget. Period.

#4 is not happening with me, but I eat fruit every day.

#9 I’m fortunate enough that I have pigeons living across my kitchen window. They moan a lot.

#30 what’s amazing is how it fucks up their expectations. They’re essentially kids.

#32 33 34 are important. Go for a walk with your phone, just freaking leave it in your pocket.

#42 game changer (years without it).

#44 absolutely not.

#47 I should do that more often. Be in the present.

#53 I need that skill.

#75 duh! It’s a constant for me; keys always at the same place, always.

#87 brutally important even though it sounds stupid as hell.

#100 YUP

Laptop pls raise UP

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

This beast is being resuscitated by my mechanic Max. Hopefully. Please? Data is safe but… It’s complicated.

This is an old laptop on which I did SO much. No nostalgia but I really kind of want to refurbish it and use it a little bit longer. Once the hardware failure is corrected, it should be fine. Hopefully.

New machines are doing too much and not what I want. So so sick of it.

Also it’s going to cost me some extra money so if you’re into Venmo, drop me some coin if you can. I will appreciate you, time’s is hard, etc *hugs*

All Gas All Brakes

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

Gas is so expensive right now this morning I told myself that “I shall purchase propellant for my roadship before the new moon”.

same old same old

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022


Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

Shout out to all the AMD Opteron CPUs out there, doing nothing when they could power local internet infrastructures, school labs and passively heat entire states in the winter.

($20 for a 16-core 6380 on Ebay right now)