Speaking of Windows. I recently tried Win10 and it was the worst Windows experience since Windows ME. At least Vista was bringing security and quite some stability. This doesn’t bring anything but trouble.

Win10 is the worst UI/UX sandwich I have ever seen. The focus on the right side of the screen is annoying. All those notifications, gross. Using the desktop with touch is tedious. Unlike Win8 where you could thrive on the start screen with your fingers, you’re stuck with floating windows and small icons here. It sucks.

I see exactly how Win8 start screen could have become a dope ass launching deck on big screens and 4K monitors but they had to freak out at MS. Win8 is, was the best route. Many things that felt kind of off at the time it came out make a lot of sense now. Like having only 10 tabs allowed in the browser.  Search, find, pin down/save, get the fuck off the computer instead of hogging its memory with 40+ tabs for no reason, what’s wrong with you? Tons of little things that were simplified and that was awesome. It just needed a few UX adjustments and some robustness tweaking. It needed MS to not listen to power users but to step up and say “y’all, we’ve been making operating systems for a while now. We have a pretty good idea of how people use those damn computers, don’t tell us how it should be. Grow up or stay on 7 and STFU.”

Instead they forced Win10 all over the place by giving it up for free. It’s not a good sign when you give things for free, in a way. And after trying this bad OS for a week uh, yup.

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