It will be back

“Today, small, easily hidden speaker systems are the mainstays of home listening. But how did we get from full cabinetry to speakers not much bigger than a tin can?”

From statement furniture to unseen tech.

Because TVs took over, changing so fast that people kept their money to buy a new one every three years instead of buying speakers. Music was well, everywhere and portable. We started sharing albums more than ever digitally but we didn’t share the listening experience anymore.

I use headphones a good 6 hours a day at least and it’s nice but there’s nothing like listening to music on a nice set of speakers, both pointing to each ear, without clutter in front of one or some weird angle on the other. It’s just a lot more exciting, natural sounding experience. Bass frequencies have to be felt physically. Sound fills the room.

Maybe nice stereo or 5.1 setups will be back once an entire generation gets fed up with screens, pictures, videos and all that visual noise 24/7.

Closing your eyes and listening to left and right nuances is a magical feeling.

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