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I see Waymo cars twice a day now. I’m not sure that we’re ready for the massive upcoming societal changes but also:

  • People straight up can’t drive anymore. They’re all distracted by giant dashboards and phones, excellent sound insulation and AC. Attention to the road and surroundings are a third priority now.
  • Young people don’t want to drive anymore. Plus, all the 2000-born folks don’t have the analog feel, it’s all Ridge Racer-y and not good for traffic.
  • Older people, more numerous than ever before can’t drive anymore, as we all know. 15mph on the left lane, no peripheral vision whatsoever, a mess.

I am left alone focused and sailing through a sea of moronic behavior and I’m tired of it.

Enters Waymo.

I remember the DARPA challenge and how about 20 years ago those robot cars prototypes were getting lost and failing in the desert around a rock and tumbleweeds. Now they’re in traffic driving better than 95% of folks around.

I know, this is purely American-built progress due to the grid infrastructure that I enjoy so much. European small and convoluted streets are not so great for this in-progress disruption of our lives. I mean:

  • Codependency almost all based on access to a vehicle? Gone.
  • Any emergency 24/7 needing you to move from A to B? Covered.
  • Adultery and car sex? Revolutionized.
  • Work, commuting and remote work? Reshaped.
  • My 103 years old ass wanting to go to the 4D movies, but unable to drive his good old 2CV? Taken care of!
  • Suddenly the titanic road system in California becomes a wonderfully automated transportation vessel where one can rest, do stuff, dream.

Now the data collection implications with Google’s vertical integration? Yes. Horrifying.

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