Bassnator II

July 15th, 2020 by harold

“I’ll be slap”

Initializing Funk Routine……


July 15th, 2020 by harold

I don’t know about you fellas, but personally if I had unprotected sex going all the way to the end, two octomoms could potentially be the result. In mere hours. It’s that heavy right now.

In those unprecedented times as supply is ample and horniness pervasive, could or should the Dick be free? As one of our favorite poet once said, and I quote, “This Dick Ain’t Free”, now that mere hugs are pure privilege and entitlement and that the current local and international situation have shut down dick logistics, can the Dick even be Free? Shall it? Does the Dick stock hold any gravity anymore? In this essay I will


July 13th, 2020 by harold

So it’s Monday, right?

I live in a largely black community, right?

I go to my usual basketball court every morning for what seems like a century, right?

Who do I see first? A white woman I’ve never seen before walking her dog. No mask. She’s kind of looking left and right to see if someone will tell her something but it’s early, no one gives a fuck about you girl. I’m walking 20 meters behind, wearing my mask and shaking my head.

Who is on my court? An Asian man and his two kids, running basketball drills. No masks. I saw them once before. They were gauging that area.

Even the black homeless folks in the area wear a fucking mask. If not at least they don’t walk around. They stay the fuck away.

This is right after breaking records of cases (and deaths) over the weekend. The audacity is absolutely unreal.

It validates what I wrote about a few days ago: it’s a lot about individuals. There’s this weird elitism, especially with non-black folks, it’s wild and dangerous.

Then they think they’re smart. Orange County (a very white and Asian community) has been fighting mandatory masks and are having a meeting tonight to decide how to reopen schools while the city of Los Angeles will not reopen schools because well, there’s a goddamn pandemic going on.

It’s really not complicated. But boy is it exhausting to see egoistical mfs around.


July 8th, 2020 by harold

Someone had time or was high on meth either way, I appreciate the dedication.

Doing some busy work on servers and stuff. I’m going to be off Flickr for good this year. I downloaded all my pictures and it was pretty emotional. Not really looking at them, but thinking about what happened through that service that truly changed my life.

I never joined IG (it’s a bit fuck FB on here) but some people will probably lose their shit when Instagram makes them pay to download their own content that they filled the service with for decades. If they even can do that. Everything you put there will stay there forever. It’s theirs. Your kids pictures. Yup.

So I’m going to have all my digital life under my thumb and nowhere else. It feels very soothing. In the current climate, it feels really right to keep everything I care about close to me.

Wash your hands and wear yo’ mask beloved.

Games didn’t help

July 2nd, 2020 by harold

Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

This was such a popular TED talk back in 2011. We can now say that gamers didn’t save shit. It’s been quite the opposite.

In the past decade games became *extremely* good at making you play more. It’s a mix of mobile-first influence, gambling tendencies and time available that propelled millions of folks to play for hundreds, thousands of hours. Game studios had big incentives to retain players and worked tirelessly to do so.

The thing is that I didn’t play much. I read a million books about the real world though. Through them I reshaped my understanding of many things without realizing it. I acquired different perspectives.

Time kind of being the only real currency, if you spend time playing, you’re not reading about the world. It doesn’t matter that you can watch a condensed version of a book on YouTube. You won’t absorb knowledge the way the book will make you to.

The past months have shown me how much reading is necessary for 99% of y’all out there. Reading about who actually built things. Reading about what women actually have to deal with. Reading about what Black women actually have and have had to deal with. What it takes to build sustainable buildings. The fascinating and complicated world of intersections. How the economy actually works. It’s endless.

There’s so much to learn and people just go press X rapidly in the 15th iteration of a game they’ve already played a billion times. I know! It sounds like I’m overreacting.

But then Black people die for no reason over and over and over and over while white folks are like “that’s bizarre that you guys are upset like that” and this is where I feel like games didn’t fucking help at all. I know the feeling. You start the game. The feel-good loops happen. Your brain is satisfied. It’s been 5 hours since you started playing and outside of some mildly interesting banter with your friends online, your brain is numb.

Read books about the real and social world, people. Be curious about it. Be excited to fix it.

Enough with this bragging/slander

July 1st, 2020 by harold

It’s incredible to me that people are either blind or too soft to not understand the difference between a country and culture that are homogeneous and a country and culture that isn’t. Let’s break down a few countries on the pandemic front.

Taiwan: 95% Chinese, a Chinese culture that favors the common instead of the individual, masks being part of the culture for decades. No shit they only have 7 deaths.

Hong Kong: 92% Chinese, a Chinese culture that favors the common instead of the individual, masks being part of the culture for decades. No shit they only have 7 deaths.

Spain: 88% Spaniard, a Spanish culture that likes to not give a fuck. Result: they caught up with the rest of Europe in a few weeks (one of the fastest infection rate due to the fact that Spaniards didn’t care about staying at home). BUT, Spain being still quite homogenous, their gnarly lockdown was very much followed and very successful. Deaths have been going down.

US: First of all, we’re talking about one order of magnitude more people than the three previous countries. That’s not nothing to go from 23 million to 328 million folks. Then we have 73% White Americans. That’s the biggest group in the US and the smallest majority –by far– compared to the 95% Chinese, 92% Chinese and 88% Spaniard. The second biggest group is Black Americans followed by Asian Americans. Latinos are right there too.

It’s heterogeneous as fuck. Interests are divergent. There’s like 50 different cultures just in Los Angeles. Add the fact that all those demographics are in constant friction over everything means that *no one* feels accountable for the COMMON.

That’s the BASIS. Then, of course, top it all with the current US administration and their clowns, social media to stir it all up and yes, everyone goes back to their individual beliefs and well… The pandemic goes harder.

Isn’t it obvious? It’s not bad information: people know that masks and staying at home are effective measures, it’s working everywhere and around the world. It’s not necessarily bad policies and governance: in Florida yes, but in California, not really. They shut down things early and everything.

It’s just that many people, individuals don’t care (how many videos of people wilding out?). Individuals also have to go to work to pay rent. It’s way less an issue if at all in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Spain where the government stepped up and helped its population far more than in the US. Because they all agree on helping basically everyone sharing one culture and one language. The big advantage of an homogeneous setting.

I love the fact that America is that heterogeneous. That’s what makes it interesting and different. It makes it harder to deal with issues like a global pandemic, true. And we could do much better for sure (cancel rent you cowards). But that’s part of the deal to me.

What concerns me with all this talk is seeing some white folks salivating at homogeneous countries while they think they’re being attacked by Black Lives Matter. That’s no good.

Dear A380

June 28th, 2020 by harold

You are about to be a memory.

I’ve never flown with you. But I’ve seen you “majestically” take off. Your big ass staying on the tarmac for so long, it’s impossible not to think “is this immense plane even going to.. HEYO IT’S TAKING WAY LONGER THAN OTHER PLANES IS THERE A PROBL” And then you do. It’s exhilarating to watch. You’re one with the air. 575 tons of engineering doing the same as birds. Going up, and down.

Like so many people you were doing fine until the market, that very elusive thing, shifted and made you sweat on every move. Now just like us, the virus is there for you.

Your mom, Europe, doesn’t look so good either.

It’s all a little bleak but the good news is; you’re still in the air, putting in work. We have the plans, we can always go back to production.

See you around, Thickness.


June 26th, 2020 by harold

So, rampant abuse in the entertainment industries came out all week long. I feel like last Friday was a year ago.

That’s on top of the usual layers of brutality against Black people and this fucking covid-19.

I am doing everything I can. The environment, all of it from living situation to global economy goes from a lil toxic to extremely putrid.

Regroup. Dance. Rest. Stand.

Juneteenth n shit

June 23rd, 2020 by harold

The now almost national holiday was a short movie for me this year.

Basketball, long 3s swishing, me happy, car window broken, bike gone, me mad, no lunch because anger, Leimert with homeboy, avoiding my beautiful black people, emotions, Rest in Power all of y’all, music blasting, drone flying, visiting the park, snatching my bike off this white dude’s hands (talkin’ about he bought it bitch like I fucking care?), putting it my friend’s car, cruising through South Central, African food in Inglewood, helping a Mexican woman to move her dead minivan to the right lane on Manchester, pushing it from the back.

It was a day.

Next was Father’s day, always kind of a sizzling joy&pain moment, cheering my friends who are dads while I would make a great one, I think. I had Fatburger and made myself a latte while chilling like a villain. Fuck having kids was also in the air.

Today’s my birthday. Nothing happening besides June gloom, and a bunch of horrible things in the game industry.

I’m questioning a whole lot of things right now. One is what we did with entertainment in the past thirty years. From wanting to become ultra rich, a cop or a psychopath, maybe we did too good of a job in normalizing the non-essential, you know?

So I helped of course

June 19th, 2020 by harold

First of all a wasp nest is some dry dirt against a wall. What is there for me to help with? Girl just knock it down with a broom.

I show up, amused. She asks: “Do you know how to knock down a wasp nest?” Notice how it went from “can you help me” to “when are you going to do what you’re supposed to do, you’re a Man etc?”. The classic I’m-a-woman-I’m-weak switcheroo. Fine.

I look at the single lane tunnel against the wall. It’s a baby nest. It’s not even a nest yet. Its being built for sure.

So I go grab what I need and show up at the front door to do the job and she’s like “can I help?” in her t-shirt, lying like a mofo. I laugh her out with my hoodie on and my broom in the other hand. “I’m fine” I say, smiling.

I’m about to knock it down and of course the single wasp arrives to build the rest. I wait for it to be inside the single lane tunnel before smacking the whole thing with the broom. I successfully achieve this.

But I know it’s not over with the wasp. It never is. I jump down the stairs to get rid of the corpse but this bitch is just lightheaded. As I try to get rid of it on the front yard, the flying beast starts flying again and comes at me.

No, not today beloved creature of the earth. Not these days. I whack it so hard I send it to the Precambrian. I whooped that insect’s ass on the lawn. I might even have muttered “fuck 12”. I didn’t even look back. I knew it was over.

I protected where I live, I didn’t claim no patriarchy, I helped a black woman for free. The bar is low. I’m the best.